Peace Rickshaw Project

Peace Rickshaw Project

Series of Peace Rickshaws - Aman Sawaris produced by PYA to re-own the romanticized art-form from hateful campaigning and use it as a tool for instigating a culture of peace and tolerance in Karachi. More pictures of the initiative here 

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Peace building, counter extremism and conflict resolution
Voices of unity against oppression
Aman Sawari - Peace ambassadors on streets
Aman k Rang Open House

Aman k Rang Open House

To initiate ground work in any community -- PYA conducts Open Houses to register potential attendees of workshops and involve community in artistic expressions of peace, conflict resolution messaging & enable them to counter violent extremism in a soft-manner. This photograph is of a similar event in Lyari, Karachi 

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Because Pakistan has a youth bulge of 65% population. These 100+ million youth do not have representation in Government, civil society and community leadership platforms. Because youth centric organizations in Pakistan are not led by youth themselves Because youth lacks awareness and is not engaged in decision making process at society and country level. Because we believe in living the change we wish to see in Pakistan Because it is our responsibility to give back to the society Because if we won’t; no one will.


PYA is a youth activist organization registered as a non-profit company working in fields of counter-extremism, peace-building, conflict resolution and social welfare of under-privileged. We are non-partisan network; a platform that enables, engages and empowers youth leaders.


By engaging youth in socially conscious causes to create democratic culture of pro-active activism

  • Peace Advocacy Initiatives

    Peace Advocacy Initiatives

    Being an activist organization, PYA believes in ground activism and campaigns in order to instigate a culture of peace and tolerance in Pakistan. Following initiatives have been taken over the years: Peace Rickshaws – Aman Sawari: Peace Rickshaws campaign uses canvas of auto-ricksh . . .

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  • Relief & Rehabilitation

    Relief & Rehabilitation

    PYA has reached out to over 95,000 families with material relief. Disaster relief includes natural and man-made disasters such as wars and terrorist incidents. Rehabilitation campaigns post-disaster relief which includes renovation, rebuilding and psychological help of victims Flood Rel . . .

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  • Protests & Youth Mobilization

    Protests & Youth Mobilization

    PYA has undertaken scores of of street-activist campaigns against injustice, discrimination, extremism and for equality which can broadly categorized as: :  .Protests: PYA has done hundreds of activist demonstrations and protests against dictatorship, for democracy and democratic n . . .

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  • Training & Workshops

    Training & Workshops

    PYA delivers regular trainings to youth and target communities in different areas of expertise. These trainings are delivered by practitioners who understand local contexts of problems and brainstorm localized solutions keeping international value systems in mind. Trainings are usually deliv . . .

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